Choose the ideal humidity level that best suits your needs by adjusting the humidistat of the DD45E. Save on energy bills with the energy star qualified and eco-friendly R410A refrigerant. Monitor the relative humidity and temperature with the easy to use LCD electronic controls. There are two ways to collect the water; drain passively with the 3'’ provided hose or you manually empty the collection tank when needed.

  • Manufacturer: DeLonghi America Inc
  • Date Certified: 2017-07-27
  • Test Protocol ID: 11-01
  • Cert. Number: AAFC: 1403/17/11/01/2116

Dehumidifiers that are certified as asthma & allergy friendly® are tested to the ASP:11:01 Dehumidifier Standard. 

Delonghi dehumidifier is Certified ASTHMA_ALLERGY_FRIENDLY_REG because it is scientifically proven to considerably reduce your exposure to allergens.

The ASTHMA_ALLERGY_FRIENDLY_REG Certification Mark is awarded to those dehumidifier products that have been scientifically demonstrated to contribute to the goals of thermal comfort and indoor air quality.

The Dehumidifier Certification Standard includes:

  • Evaluating the capability of the Dehumidifier to optimise relative humidity levels.
  • Determining that the target RH levels can be attained over a pre-determined period of time and that once achieved that they are maintained within a specified range.
  • Assessing the exposure to allergen and fungal spores during filter change and water receptacle emptying procedures.
  • Provision of a care code to indicate filter change and water receptacle emptying recommendations.
BioSilver (DDX45E)
BioSilver filter and True Pints per Day™ Pump -never empty a tank (DDX45PE)
Electronic Controls w/ backlit LCD Yes
Remote Control No
Indoor Castors Yes
Indoor Unit Handles Yes
Colors White with blue
Dehumidifying Pints/24h 45
Product dimensions (W x D x H) 15.3 x 12.4 x 24.3
Product weight (Gross/Net) 38.4
Usable cord length (Ft) 6.5
Warranty 1 + 4 years
Draining Hose(s) Included 3' drain hose (DDX45E)
3' drain hose & 16' pump hose (DDX45PE)