Stanley Steemer® is the first hardwood cleaning service to be Certified asthma & allergy friendly™, removing an average of 96% of common household allergens and 85% of dust from the hardwood they clean. 

  • Manufacturer: Stanley Steemer Inc
  • Date Certified: 2016-03-04
  • Test Protocol ID: 16-01
  • Cert. Number: AAFC: 1336/16/16/04/2067

Stanley Steemer’s Hardwood Cleaning Service is Certified asthma & allergy friendly™ because it is scientifically proven to considerably reduce your exposure to allergens.


But there’s still more to it.  In order for a professional hardwood cleaning service to meet the above requirement, strict standards for appropriate levels must be met when:

·        Evaluating the service’s capability to remove dust and allergen from hardwood;

·        Monitoring airborne allergens before  and after the cleaning; and

·        Assessing components emitted during the cleaning.

Stanley Steemer’s revolutionary hardwood floor cleaning process uses an auto-scrubber machine with high-speed rotary brushes to loosen and extract dirt from deep within the crevices of your hardwood floors. A high-powered vacuum pulls the dirt into a storage tank for disposal. By removing allergens, dust, and other microscopic pollutants that collect in hardwood floors, customers are left with a cleaner and healthier home. Stanley Steemer is able to consistently provide these results by manufacturing all of their equipment in their Columbus, OH facility.

Stanley Steemer’s Hardwood Cleaning Service will take approximately 30-60 minutes for an average 300 sq. ft. room. This time can vary depending on several factors, including amount of furniture to be moved, the amount of soil in the hardwood grain, and the way the room is configured. 

You can schedule Stanley Steemer’s Hardwood Cleaning Service by calling 1-800-STEEMER or online by visiting